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Masaki Inayoshi NOVA Holdings Corporation Owner and President

稲吉 正樹

Last year was the first year of Challenge, which makes students at NOVA and private-tutoring school global human resources since Last Resort Co. was joined NOVA Hd., last fall.

This Year’s Slogan:Progress!

This year, we are pushing up the image of this company one step further. From the beginning of this year, TV commercials with NOVA Usagi broad casts and NOVA’s advertisement are put on the nationwide newspapers.

Pushing up the image of the company will lead to great performance and the company, everyone is proud of, moreover, it will bring all people related to this company lots of delights.

From the various perspectives, NOVA Hd., is in the best situation ever. So it is the best time to move on to the next stage and we sure do.

I will run a business with offensive competitive strategies this year too.

Atsushi Iwaya NOVA Holdings Corporation CEO

岩谷 温

Although this is a relatively new company, I would like to boldly expand it with conviction, youthful energy and adventurous spirit.

I have a dream to make this company the best in the tutoring school and English conversation school industry, and expand it overseas.
This year, I would like to lay the foundations for this dream to become reality. Companies need dreams to grow, and so do employees.

First, the members of this company need to make the most of their abilities, not only for financial gain, but also for their own inner fulfilment. As a company, we should contribute to society.

Takashi Ono Jibun Mirai Kyouiku Corporation President and CEO


It’s been 22years since the company was launched. We are so grad to reach 1,000 schools in March 2015 however, we aim to increase not only the number of schools but also the degree of customer satisfaction. Time is not the extension of the past but flows from the future.

Capture the needs and see the future.

The new stages are waiting for us.

Sachiko Ito NOVA Corporation President and CEO

伊藤 幸子

Time flies so fast, it’s been 9 years since we took over NOVA. I recently think that improving the customer satisfaction needs improving the employee one. No matter what business categories they are, all staffs who sells fabulous products seem that they have full of brightness and proud.

NOVA Co., keeps on challenging with the motto, “Providing the services and products we can be proud of.”

NOVA Holdings