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NOVA offers English and other language conversation lessons on a monthly fee system. To ensure student progress, all our instructors are native speakers, and we offer a wide variety of lessons. Through our convenient system we are able to support a large number of people wanting to learn foreign languages.
Besides English, we also offer French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese lessons.

Since the succession of the NOVA business in 2007, we are aiming to become the best language school in the industry, and, as we change and improve, we are expanding across the country.

School Lessons

School Lessons

School location is one of the important things that keep students coming to lessons. And unless students keep coming to lessons, they cannot improve their English. With this in mind, NOVA schools are always in highly convenient locations to make it easy for students to come to lessons regularly.
We also offer several discount services, which make it affordable for anyone to start learning English. Please compare our fees with those of other English conversation schools.

Our ¥10,000 All-in-one course and ¥20,000 One-to-One All-in-one course were born from the idea of eliminating any anxiety about cost.

NOVA Junior

NOVA Junior

NOVA Junior offers all-native-speaker lessons to children at a low monthly fee. This is attractive to parents who need to pay for other tuition, and makes it possible for students to keep coming to lessons for a long period of time. At NOVA, we want to broaden children's horizons and help them fulfill their potential!

Ochanoma Ryugaku

Ochanoma Ryugaku

For students who are too busy to go to a NOVA school or do not have a NOVA school nearby, our Ochanoma Ryugaku services offer lessons directly to your home through our special internet telephone system.

Besides English, we also offer French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese lessons.

English study free video site

NOVA Pockets 100 is a set of free video shows for learning English. After you register for free membership, you can enjoy the weekly English videos over the internet.

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