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NOVA original books
Sura Sura Series
Sura Sura Series lessons are also available.

01 Restaurant English
02 English for English School
03 Air Travel English

各定価 本体980円+税(B6判 96p)

01 Restaurant English

  • 01 レストランの英会話
  • サンプル

When you are traveling overseas, you might worry about things like this:
“I’d like to try this restaurant, but I’m worried about my English.”
“I don’t understand the menu, so I’ll order something I know.”
Restaurant English solves these problems!


  • ・getting restaurant recommendations asking to change tables
  • ・saying you need more time to order
  • ・saying your order hasn’t come yet
  • ・ordering another serving etc.

There are pages about small talk between customers and restaurant staff, which are useful not only for restaurants. To review each unit, there are charts which you can use by pointing at them and practicing saying the words.


02 English for English School

  • 02 英会話スクールの英会話
  • サンプル

You may sometimes worry about thing like this:
“I’d like to go to English Conversation School but…”
“I signed up for the English School but…”
“I’m worried about not understanding what the instructor says.”
“I’m worried about not understanding the lessons.”

So you end up not having the courage to go to lessons.
English for English School solves these problems and gives you the courage to speak English.


  • ・greetings
  • ・asking where an instructor is from
  • ・asking the instructor about their weekend plans
  • ・asking for repetition
  • ・apologizing for being late etc

The book includes useful phrases not only for use at English Schools but also in daily life and business.

The book also includes tips on how to study English, useful short phrases for daily conversation, and common situation simulations, so it is very useful for anyone whose English is at beginner level.


03 Air Travel English

  • 03 飛行機・空港の英会話
  • サンプル

You may worry about going overseas even if it’s not your first time.
On the plane and at the airport are the first places you may feel anxious.
“Will the flight attendant understand my drink order?”
“I’m worried about going through immigration.”
“Will I be able to find the check-in counter?”
Air Travel English has three sections; on the plane, arriving, and leaving, and each section is full of useful phrases!
Relieve your anxiety with this book and have more fun traveling overseas.


  • ・getting an extra blanket
  • ・asking if you can put the seat back
  • ・saying the purpose of your visit
  • ・exchanging money
  • ・shopping at duty free shops etc



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