Requirements for becoming a host family

Hosting international guests is so much more than just renting out a room.
Open up your home to a Japanese student and discover how rewarding it is for yourself.


You need to be open to sharing your home and family life with others.


You need to live within a one-hour commute of central London


You need to provide 2 meals/day weekdays, and 3 meals/day weekends.


You need to have a clean and comfortable spare room available.


Your household needs to consist of a minimum of 2 members.


You need to provide an English-speaking home environment.

Make a difference

Welcome visitors to the UK and help them adjust to British ways, foods, customs, and language.
As you share cultural differences you will see how the common threads that connect people wherever they come from help to quickly dissolve language barriers.

How will Last Resort support us?

Last Resort and its subsidiaries have been supporting Japanese people traveling overseas for study, work and leisure for almost 20 years. We work with host families all over the world and give 100% every time to ensure satisfaction and lasting rewards on both sides.


Once you accept a booking, we take care of all the arrangements and handle payments for you.


We ensure both students and hosts are fully prepared before the student leaves Japan and arrives in London.


In addition to our standard packages, we have special packages including English lessons and weekend activities.


All of our students and families are carefully screened and matched to ensure peace of mind on both sides.


Our application process is simple. Submit your details and we will contact you within one business day.


Our bilingual staff are available 24 hours a day to offer support in the case of an emergency situation.


International students who choose a homestay over other accommodation options want to be integrated into a “home away from home” environment where they can experience British family life and practice their English.

Most Japanese students adapt quickly to life in the UK, but some can experience culture shock and homesickness when they first arrive. In these cases, some friendly reassurance and kind words from the host family always go a long way to helping them through it. If needed, Last Resort is always available to our hosts for support.
Students will all speak English to varying degrees, and even those arriving with only a little will be motivated and open to improving their English. If you ever have difficulty communicating, our Japanese staff will be able to offer support.
The room needs to be clean, bright, airy and well-maintained. It should contain a full size single or double bed, a wardrobe, adequate storage space and a desk. The student’s privacy must be respected at all times.
Last Resort will provide you with the student’s arrival information and keep you informed of any updates or changes. They will also make all of the arrangements for the student’s journey from the airport to your home. When the student arrives, they should be introduced to the family members, and given a welcome orientation. As well as being shown around the house, they should be provided with information about local amenities and public transport. Contact information should also be shared (if it hasn’t already been exchanged pre-arrival) to ensure contact can be made at any time during the student’s stay.
It is advisable to set some ground rules to assist with a smooth integration, and avoid misunderstanding and possible cultural differences. We recommend establishing guidelines on the following:

Use of the bathroom/shower
Use of the internet
Use of the washing machine
Noise levels
Meal times
Storage of food
Each student should be provided with a set of keys to allow them access to the home as and when needed.
It is not a requirement but more and more of our students request to be placed in families which can provide internet access, both for study purposes and so that they can keep in touch with their friends and family.
With our standard package, host families are not required to organise excursions or activities for their guests on weekends. However, students should be included in as many aspects of family life as possible.
Guests should only be allowed when permission is sought in advance. Allowing an overnight guest is at the sole discretion of the host family.
Complaints should be submitted in writing and we will respond to every complaint received within 24 hours.

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