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September 2014 WOMAN Online Corporation established as a subsidiary
July 2014 NOVA Study Abroad Corporation established as a subsidiaryTokyo main office relocated
May 2014 Business alliance formed with MERCURY Language School Took over operations of Online English Surari-e
December 2013 NOVA Corporation established as a subsidiary
September 2013 Official company name changed to NOVA Holdings Corporation
July 2013 ITTO × NOVA Bali opened 
March 2013 NOVA Cairns opened
November 2012 5th anniversary of NOVA takeover
October 2012 Merged with GEOS Corporation
August 2012 Jibun Mirai Support Club service for corporations launched
February 2012  Official company name changed to Jibun-Mirai Associé CorporationFirst overseas school opened in Hawaii
August 2011  Official company name changed to Jibun Mirai Holdings CorporationMerged with Inayoshi Capital Partners 
April 2011 Sarasa home-tutoring service launched Tokyo main office relocated
March 2011 iPad lessons launched at NOVA 
January 2011 Sumire Private Tutoring School launched
September 2009 Miyabi Private Tutoring School launched
November 2007 Took over NOVA
June 2007 EC Corporation established as a subsidiary
April 2005 Over 500 schools
March 2001 Main office building in Nagoya opened (Kurokawahon dori, Kita-ward, Nagoya)
September 2000 Official company name changed to G.Communication Registered as an official member of the ‘Japan Franchise Chain Association’
April 2000 Over 200 Gambaru Gakuen schools
December 1998 Gambaru Gakuen Osaka Co., Ltd. established (Opens main Osaka office)
November 1998 Gambaru Gakuen Tokyo Co., Ltd. established (Opens main Tokyo office)
June 1997 Gambaru Gakuen Corporation established
January 1996 Gambaru Gakuen Co., Ltd. established
June 1994 Company founded.The first school, Rokumei School, opened in Okazaki city, Aichi prefecture.

NOVA Holdings