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★Pre-Kinder★ English Class


Hello! I’m Sherlie, NIS’s English Teacher.

Let’s look at what we did in today’s Pre-Kinder English lesson!

We always start with some basic actions like walking, jumping, hopping, and swimming. Then we sing the “Hello Song”.

Everyone is starting to remember the songs and motions very well!

We also practiced our daily questions: “How are you?” and “How’s the weather?”

Sad was a popular choice today, but they didn’t look very sad! 😊

We all agreed that today’s weather is cloudy and rainy.


The pre-kinders have gotten very good at using “Here you are.” and “Thank you.”

They practice every day in and out of English class!


Some other phrases we use every day are:

“Good morning!”

“Thank you for the food.”

“See you!”


We enjoyed more singing and dancing, and ended the class by practicing how to write our names.

Everyone is making great progress!
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