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★Kinder★ English Class


Hello everyone! I hope you're having an excellent week.

Today was international day so we talked about the countries they visited: Italy, India, the U.S., and Spain.

Do you remember how to say "hello" in each country?

"Ciao!" "Namaste!" "Hello!" "¡Hola!"

Then we continued with our usual English routine. The Kinder class has been making great progress. They are very fast learners!

They love the actioning songs, especially "We All Fall Down". We practice walking, galloping, tip-toeing, sleeping, hopping, twirling, and of course, falling down.

Next, we asked "How's the weather?" We looked out the window and decided today was sunny and hot - not like last week's cold and rainy weather.

We are gradually getting better and remembering out letters and started practicing picking out and spelling our own names.

We also counted how many letters our names have.

Along with the goodbye song, we also like to do the goodbye chant.

We practice saying goodbye in a quiet voice, loud voice, high voice, and low voice.

Keep up the good work Kinders! And don't forget to practice using English at home too.

See you!



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