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♡Nursery♡ English Class


Today's blog is brought to you by the Nursery class!

We started the lesson with actioning - walking, hopping, running, tip-toeing, jumping, and sleeping. We are good at walking and running, but still working on jumping and hopping.

Our knees are making the motions so we are almost there!

We sang one of our favorite songs before practicing our numbers: "One Little Finger".

Most of us can do the motions and have started to remember the words!

♬"One little finger, one little finger"♬

♪"Put your finger up!"♪

♪"Put your finger down!"♪

Next we asked each other, "How are you?"

Let's ask Tomoki. How are you?


Tomoki said, "I'm happy!"

This month we are also starting to learn different farm animals and the sounds they make. Today we learned cow, pig, and horse and sang "Old MacDonald Had a Farm".

What does a cow say? "Moo."

What does a horse say? "Neigh."

What does a pig say? "Oink."

Be sure to practice those at home too!

Since we can't sit down for too long, we like to take lots of music and dance breaks.

We're becoming experts at "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes."

Look at Rei and Kaho go! (^▽^)/







The Nursery class surprises me everyday with how much they can do and say. They are growing so fast! Keep up the good work everyone!

See you! (o^―^o)

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