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♡Kinder♡ English Class


Can you believe it's fall already? And September has come to an end. 🍁

The Kinder class is getting really good with their days of the week and the months of the year.

I know the names of the months can be long, but they repeat and say them as best as they can. They've already remembered the words to the song!🎵

We played games to remember the different months in order and the season each month is in. Winter is from December to February, spring is from March to May, summer is from June to August, and fall or autumn is from September to November.

We are also practicing asking, "When's your birthday?" and answering, "It's in (January)." Maybe we can start using the full date next month!🎂

Sports Day is coming up soon and we've also got Pinocchio down.

Right and left still gets confusing, but their energy makes up for it. I think their favorite part is when we sing, "Everybody shout!". You can hear them shouting from down the hall and even downstairs.

I hope we can show your parents how much you've learned and practiced these few months.

We will also start a new workbook from October, so when you have free time at home please do the pages we didn't get to in Book A. You can sing the alphabet together and practice tracing and saying each letter on the different pages. 📚

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