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☆Baby Class☆


Hello today from the baby class~!

Last week our students held a Fall Festival where all of the grades prepared different types of food and other products which they then had to sell at their own stalls - very exciting!

This year our baby class went window shopping through all of the different stores and they were blown away by all of the different types of goods on display.

First they had to get into their hungry, hungry caterpillar themed ride.

Our pre-kinder students were the first stop. All of the classes tried their best to welcome in potential customers with "Welcome" in big, clear voices so our baby class was very surprised!

Bracelets, necklaces, transformation sunglasses, and even shuriken! So many different goods to choose from!

Next up was our Kinder 1 Sweets Shop! There were cupcakes, ice cream, candy and even different types of juices available and the baby class took their time looking at every one!

Last they made a stop in the Kinder 3 classroom where the students had made foods inspired by four different countries. They chose to make: cheese fondue (Switzerland), hamburgers (America), arepas (Colombia) and gyoza (China)!

"Hmmmm, which one should I choose? Cheese fondue or hamburgers?"

"Nevermind, I'll take the gyoza please!"

After making the rounds through our classrooms, the baby class was ready to head back to their own room and get ready to eat some lunch.

The baby class was very happy to have been invited to visit all of the different food stalls and shops that our older students had created!

See you next time~!
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