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👻 Kinder 🎃 Happy Halloween


Hello everyone! It's almost the end of October and you know what that means...


Today, everyone dressed up and went trick-or-treating.

Hmm, I hear some bony feet coming down the hallway...who could it be? 💀

Woah! Those are some scary skeletons! The Kinder class quietly creeped downstairs to say, "TRICK OR TREAT!" and get some treats from the other classes.

First they visited the Baby class. I wonder what they're dressed as?

Knock, knock! Trick or treat! 🎃

The Baby class dressed up as pumpkins! I love their hats. They made yummy-looking lollipops and passed them out to everyone. 🍭

Next, we went to the Nursery class. Knock, knock! Trick or treat! 🎃

Oh! I see lots of cute, little ghosts! 👻

The Nursery class made delicious crunchy cookies for everyone.

And last, but not least we made it to the Pre-Kinder room. I wonder what they dressed up as...

Knock, knock. Trick or treat! 🎃

Wow! They're all witches and wizards! What cool capes and hats. They even made broomsticks to fly on! 🧹

The Pre-Kinder class passed out bags of cute candies. 🍬

Let's see what everyone got!

What a great Halloween haul.

We had one more surprise today. A visit from a special friend. Who could it be?

Whoa! It's Genie!! The Kinders were really happy to meet him. We had some tears in the other classes, but it's okay. Genie is a good guy! He's not scary!

Once we got out of our skeleton costumes, we had a quick English lesson.

It was the first time we played musical chairs using our "What do you see?" flashcards.

Everyone is doing great remembering the different colors and animals.

We've also really enjoyed sing BINGO recently. It's fun to do the different motions - clap, pat your legs, stomp your feet, pat your head, and jump!

We were so hungry from all the morning activities that our super cute ghost curry was extra delicious!

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