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This week, the Kinders have been exercising! And the Pre-Kinders joined in too. Let's take a look ...👀

Today we we played with the plastic rings!


To help build up the muscles in our arms for writing, we have been doing a lot of arm exercises.

First, we put the ring out in front of us with our hands flat and holding the ring tight.

Then, we turn the ring in a circle while keeping our hands flat. This will help us get all our fingers nice and strong.

We also worked on our arms!

We put our hand through the rings and spin, spin, spin...

Go! Go! Go!

Kinder 2 and 3 are parcticing our action words.

We are learning to throw,... count and hop,... bounce the ball and...

...we have even been wheelbarrow racing!

Good job! 🏆

Phew! 😅

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