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☆Kinder 2/3☆


This has been a fun day for the Kinder 2/3’s. First, they made pictures of fireworks with paint.

Using some cardboard tubes…

they produced some exciting displays.

Later, English. A quick warm-up singing ‘Hello’. First we “stretch up high”, followed by “touch your toes.”

Finally a big “Hello!” It was loud.

Then using some dominoes, we counted to 20.

They did well, and the big topple got a big cheer.
Afterward, we practice introductions. They were given a ball and asked “What’s your name?” to their neighbour. Once answered “My name’s ( ),” the ball could be passed on.

They were being timed. This was a race to beat their last best time, and they knocked 30 seconds off. Congratulations, great job.

Finally, a quick sing of the “ABC Song”…

…and some phonics practice. They spelled ‘cat’ and did very well.

All in all, a very good day. Good job everyone.
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