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Today was a little hot, so what better way to cool off than with some water play. With pools and sprinklers,

to elephant water toys, the kids had a great time.

After they had dried off, it was time for English.  We started with names.  They need to recognize their name, say “Here” whilst raising their hand, and, finally, say “Thank you” when receiving their card.

They did very well.  Once the names were distributed, we did some movement,

and sang the ‘Hello Song’.  The kids had to then hand back their cards saying “Here you are.”  They gave it a good go.  Next up, feelings.

Sleepy was very popular, though happy was a close second.  Afterward, they practiced numbers using their fingers,

and a little ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ to help with dexterity.  Again, great efforts made, if a little tricky.

Next, talking about food. After a small demonstration, the kids had to walk to, and stomp on, the correct card.

For this week they are practicing saying “I like (rice).”  They did well.  Finally, we sang and danced to an ‘Open, Shut Them’ song, and sang goodbye.

It was a busy morning and they did well.

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