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Today’s English lesson began by greeting the children by name and having them respond with “Here.”  After that they sang the ‘Hello Song’ and then ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.”

A little demonstration first,

and then it was their turn. Some did well, some needed a little help,

but all tried well and enjoyed the dancing.

Next, we looked at some food, practicing “I like …” sentences.

The kids chose a small food card and had to match it to the big card.

They did very well. They had fun choosing the card, they had more fun pretending to eat the food. Pizza was a firm favorite.

The last thing for today was the alphabet. First they followed along to the ‘ABC Song.’

Following the matching theme, they chose a small letter from a big bag,


and matched it to the same letter on the wall. For some, this was easy.

For others, a little assistance was needed.

All in all, a good effort made by everyone.

After the English lesson, they went outside to enjoy the sun and a little starch slime.


Another exciting morning for the Nursery kids. Good job.
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