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🐙Kinder 2/3🐠


This month the Kinders have been exploring the deep, blue sea!🤿

The Kinders have done a lot of art projects to help remember the English names of the sea creatures. 🌊🐳

First, the Kinders made some seaweed for all the little fish to live safely.🐠

The Kinders also made a jellyfish family during the Summer Vacation. ⚡️

Next, the Kinders made some octopuses! 🐙💛🐙

They used markers to draw the suckers on the eight coffee-filter-legs.🐙

Afterwards, they put on the bottle-cap-heads.

All the octopuses joined the jellyfish family on the ceiling!🪸


After the octopuses, the Kinders made some sea stars.

They painted half of the sea star with lots of paint. 🎨

They printed the other half by folding the paper in two and pressing down hard.
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