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☆Kinder 2/3☆


Today, the Kinder 2/3 class started their English adventure with some acting practice. They were practicing the play ‘The Enormous Turnip’. First they had to pick the characters they wanted to play.

Once they had chosen their characters, we went over their lines with them.

Stage fright had a deleterious effect on their volume, but after a few attempts they mustered up a volume worthy of stage. Then came the acting.

They listened to the story, and when it came time pulled the ‘turnip’.

With each unsuccessful pull, a new character was asked to help,

until everyone was pulling, and…

POP!  The ‘turnip’ is pulled from the ground and everyone, gently, falls over.

After they exclaim how big the turnip is the story ends and everyone takes a bow.

After the play, they practiced this week’s sentence. First a quick refresher of the vocabulary,

then they chose cards using the ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

Along with the usual “ My mom can swim,” there was added some surprise activities including Bungee Jumping and Extreme Ironing (yes, that’s a thing), which led to much entertainment with “My dog can extreme iron.”

Finally, we relaxed with a little story time.

An entertaining afternoon for all.  Good job Kinder 2/3.
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