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⭐︎Kinder 1⭐︎


Today was an exceptionally fine day.  Barely a cloud was to be found in the sky, the sun had it’s hat on, and so did the children of the Kinder 1 class.  For today, in the warm fall breeze of the morning, they went to the park.

There were many fun activities to be had. From the simple child-like pleasures of the chase,

to the exciting and often scary pastime of dragonfly hunting.  Some just pointed out the fast moving dragonflies,

whilst others braved a closer look.

One lucky, or not, child got a close encounter she didn’t seem best pleased with.

And while some were chasing dragonflies, others were checking out the local flora.  A fine assortment to choose from.

Once back in the classroom, a quick drink to stay hydrated was in order, then on to the English lesson.

After saying “Hello” the children introduced themselves and gave their age.  After which, the children practiced saying “I’m hungry” and what they would like to eat.

Finally, after a few songs were sung, they practiced their alphabet.  Their ABC song is very good and most can recognize letters.

For this activity, they had to find the letters that matched with the pictures. L l for lemon, and M m for monkey.

Once found, they could color the pictures as they wished.

All in all, a busy morning well seen to.  Good job everyone.
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