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The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days, and the babies have taken full advantage of it.  On Tuesday they visited the park.

After picking and playing with the odd flower and blade of grass, the babies decided to split up and find something interesting.  Off one went,

eyes scanning the environment, until he happened upon some strange markings on the ground.

What made such markings, an investigation was in order.  Meanwhile, the other child decided to let mystery come to her.

Sadly, mystery was in short supply and she found herself playing with grass on the wind.

The next day, the babies started their excursion with a little go on the play equipment.  One played hide and seek,

while the other was amusing himself on the slide.

After that, the babies joined the Nursery class on a walk around the area.  There were many things to see, but the children seemed fascinated with the Autumn leaves.

What possible conversations could they have?

“This looks yummy.” “Hmm?”

“I don’t think you can eat that.”

“Ms, can you eat this?”

Who knows what they thought, what is known is that fun comes in many forms. From mysterious marks, to the changing colors of leaves, and the babies enjoyed them all.  Great job.
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