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🎊Kinder 1🎊


It’s Thanksgiving! 🦃

The class all gathered around the table to celebrate with a Thanksgiving Day feast. 🍁🍽🍁

There was tons of yummy food to go around. 🍴🥄

From corn on the cob… 🌽

…to roasted Turkey. 🍗

There was even some pumpkin pie for dessert. 🥧😋

What a fun way to celebrate 🎉 - cheers! 🥂

The class passed the mashed potatoes around so everyone shared. 🫶

The cutlery was huge and shiny. ✨🥄

Today was fun and the class learned about showing appreciate to the people in their lives. 🤗🤩🤗

They focused on saying ‘thank you’ to their friends… 💜💙💛

…and their teachers too. 💚🧡💛

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here, at Nova International, and a big, loud ‘thank you’ from the Kinder 1 Class. Here’s hoping you have a merry festive season. 🍁❄️🍁❄️
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