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☆Kinder 2/3☆


Today the Kinder 2/3 class started their lesson with a little practice asking questions. In lieu of the special guest they will be asking at Christmas, a very floppsy bunny rabbit.

The children asked about colors the rabbit liked and where it came from.  For “Where are you from?”, we took a trip to the Earth.

Starting from where the English instructor was from, they then said where they where from.

They needed a little help touching Japan, but could say it very well.

Once back in the classroom, the children played a touch game.  They had to ask “What is it?”, focusing on pronunciation.

The instructor would answer, “It’s a bell.”, count down to 0 and the children would have to find and touch the correct card.

Trying not to squish each other, they would then repeat the answer.

Much squishing happened, yet they repeated very well. They then had to say what color the object was.

Once they had a few practice turns, the instructor stood back and let one of the students choose and answer the classes question.  This went well, though volume of speech was dampened by nerves. Confidence!
After the Christmas vocab, we played a game practicing past vocab.

First the children arranged themselves into teams. One person from each team would then cover their eyes and choose a card. Once chosen, they would unfold it and say the vocab and try to remember the sentence it was linked to.

They would then keep the cards. However, if they drew a “Bang!” card, they would lose all their cards.

It was good fun, and good practice of old vocab that may have slipped the mind.

The next thing was writing. Here the children focused on how to correctly write a letter, in this case ‘m’ and ‘p’.

A letter was drawn on the whiteboard and the children had to chose the correct starting point. Then erase the letter from the board in the correct order. They had few problems with ‘m’, however ‘p’ was a little trickier.

They had fun erasing and hopefully remembered some stroke order.

Finally, as a warm down, we played what’s missing,

Put down 7 cards, then hide one when their back are turned. They then guessed what was missing. This they were very good at. Impressive memories.

A busy day well done. Good job everyone.
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