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☆Kinder 1☆


Today, the Kinder 1 class began their lesson with a little warm-up exercise. First, with some walking, jumping, swimming, and sleeping.

Then they practiced more movements. Crawling, slithering like a snake, and finally rolling.

Once they had warmed up, it was time to say ‘Hello’,

and do a little stretching.

Next, we practiced the monthly phrase, ‘Ouch!’.  For this, one child would stand and walk around the class.

When they got to the child of their choice, they would gentle ‘chop’ their head, at which point the ‘chopped’ child would say ‘Ouch!’.

The ‘chopped’ child would then stand and continue the game until everyone had been ‘chopped’.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and had particular fun acting out the ‘ouch!’.

After this everyone practiced introducing themselves. All the children would ask “What’s your name?” and “”How old are you?”

Once answered, the mic would be passed with a “Here you are.” and a “Thank you.” in response.

There were some interesting answers, including one child who said he was 44.  Let’s compare. What do you think?

After some counting,

using their legs for 11 and 12,

we moved to the alphabet and some ABC practice. First, we sang the ABC song.

After that, we got out the workbooks. This week the children had to find the correct letters and color them.

They are definitely getting faster at finding the letters. After they had finished it was just a case of passing the color pencils and books to the instructor,

and then saying goodbye with a song.

A fun lesson for all and afterward everyone was ready for lunch.  Good job everyone.
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