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Today the pre-kinder class started their morning with a little play time outside.  Some ran around and played with some balls,

whilst others preferred the sandbox.

Once inside, it was time for some English, and what better way to start than a little movement.  We started with some slow walking,

and moved on to jumping and running,

not forgetting to stop. Very important.

Next, was some roly poly action.  We spin our hands around each other, singing “roly poly, roly poly”, then the actions up, down, in, out, fast, and slow.

They enjoyed the singing, but enjoyed roly polying fast more.
After that, we handed out the shakers,

and moved to the music. When they stopped, they had to name and touch a body part.

With parts such as ‘shoulders’ and ‘head’ being common, they also did well with ‘tummy’ and attempted ‘elbow’.

With the children all exercised out, we slowed down by singing the ABC song,

and sitting down to some coloring.  First they colored a cat.

Then, they had to find, circle, and color the odd one out in two groups.

Odd one out was a tricky concept, but once we had done the first group they picked it up quickly. Great job.

Last thing was to relax with a nice story.  “Shopping Parade” where a family go to buy some eggs and make friends along the way.

With that, it was time to say goodbye.

Excellent work everyone.
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