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Today was another day of play for the baby class.  First they played with some cars.  They got out the road mat and set off.

Where do you think they are going?

Oops.  Looks like a small accident with the dump truck.  May have to go around.

After morning snack, the children went for a little walk outside.  It had been snowing so there was plenty to look at,

and plenty to play with.

Some of the babies preferred to stay away from the snow.

Then they got out the buckets.

Suddenly, the snow seemed more inviting as more opportunities for play presented themselves.

It scoops so easily.  Looks like ice cream.

Ooh, a truck.  “Hello!”

Once the children had finished with the snow, it was time to go inside.  Inside, the children had a few choices of toys to play with.  They chose the food toys.

After the snow they must be hungry.  What are they cooking?

The plates are set.  They are frying some vegetables in a pan and peeling some fish.  What are they cooking?

Ahh, seafood and vegetable pizza.  Good choice, and it looks yummy.

Great job everyone. A good morning well spent.
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