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⭐︎Kinder 1⭐︎


Today, the Kinder 1 children started the day of with some singing.  First, a little practice for March with “Ready To Go”, then the “Hello Song.”

With some clapping, stomping, and light stretching to warm the children up, it was time to introduce Valentine’s Day.

First, we changed and practiced saying the date on the wall calendar.  When February 14th was up, Valentine’s Day was mentioned and the children started cheering.

Last week, the children had made Valentine’s cards for their parents.  Now, the instructor passed them out to each child and practiced the phrase “Happy Valentine’s.”

The children were excited to receive their cards, and to give them.

When everyone had received their cards, they lined up in front of the instructor, now pretending to be their parent, and gave their card as a gift, saying “Happy Valentine’s.”

After Valentine’s practice, the children got into a circle and we sang “Pinocchio.”  The children enjoy dancing, but left and right still proves a challenge.


After the children had settled down, we looked at the alphabet.

They are very good at saying, and singing, the ABC’s, but needed a little pronunciation practice with ‘b’ and ‘v’.

Once the alphabet was successfully sung, workbooks were handed out and the children colored today’s letter, which was Qq.

Today’s accompanying word was ‘question’.  The children colored in the question mark, practiced saying the word and colors, and when all was done packed up to say goodbye.

It was a busy day and the children handled it well.  Great job everyone.
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