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Today the Pre-Kinder children started with a little warm-up song.  They practiced walking, hopping, jumping, running, swimming and sleeping, as well as fast and slow.

They do love a good run.  Afterward, they sat down and replied to their names.  For this they practiced answering “Here!” if they were here, and “Absent!” if the child was not.

They are getting very good, especially with “Absent!”

Next, we sang the “Ready to Go!” song in preparation for next month’s Farewell Party.  The children are very confident with the chorus and like to clap along, and do the actions,

but, the verses are trickier. They gave them a good attempt, though, so great job with the effort.

We followed this up with the feelings song.  They know this well and love to jump and stomp around for ‘happy’ and ‘angry’, cry for ‘sad’, and lie down for ‘sleepy’.

Next, we lined up and took a shaker from the box, practicing saying “Thank you!” when choosing the shaker.

When everyone had a shaker we played the music and moved using action suggested by the children.  Suggestions included butterfly, helicopter, frog, etc.  The children would say “Let’s go!” and the music would start,

they would then say “Stop!”, the music would stop and they would say “Touch your … .” and suggest a body part.

They like the head. They like unicorns.

Once they had finished a few rounds, they lined up again and returned the shaker saying “Here you are.” as they did.

When all the shakers were returned, we sang the ‘ABC song’,

and sat down to some coloring in the workbook.  Today they were looking at the letter Pp.  We practiced “P says p, p, pig.” Also sounding out the letters            “p .. i .. g”, introducing reading simple words. After this, they colored the pictures.

To wind down the lesson, the children sat down to a nice story.

Today’s story was about a chick swapping his sound with the animals he meets outside.  It was called “I say, You say.” and the children enjoyed making the animal sounds, pointing out animals they could see, and saying “change” as the chick changed sounds.

It was a busy morning for the Pre-Kinder children, but they did very well.  So with the ‘Goodbye song’ sung, and a goodbye fist-bump,

it was time to play with the blocks.  Great work everyone.
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