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☆Kinder 2/3☆


The Kinder 2/3 children started today’s lesson with a song.  The Farewell Party is fast approaching, so it was the last chance to practice “Ready to Go!”

They are improving with the lyrics, but still enjoy the actions.

Once the song had ended, we looked at some vocabulary.

They are getting faster at saying “It’s a …”, though today we were practicing “I have/He has/She has… .” After a quick demonstration,

and a little pronunciation work, the game begun.

The children had to choose a card, one card was “out”, all the others were “safe.”  The child that chose the card would say, “I have a book.”  The others would then say, “He/She has a book.” For the first round “yo-yo” was “out.”

“He has a car”, “Safe!”

Oh dear, “She has a yo-yo.” “Out!”

After they had practiced this a few times, we changed the game.  A child would sit up front and choose a card. They would then say what color the object was.  From this, the others would need to guess the card, again by saying “He/She has a … .”

After a small demonstration, it was time for the children’s turn.

After everyone has guessed, it’s time for the big reveal,

The next child was just as happy,

just needs to work on the difference between “I and She.”

After the fun and games finished, the children practiced writing.  The letters were nicely written, but they need to work on size.  They were very attentive during the demonstration,

then gave it their best shot.

Some needed a little encouragement, but did well.

Finally, the children ended the lesson with a relaxing story about a dog, Bam, and his frog friend, Kero, and their plans for a rainy Sunday.

They seemed to enjoy the escapades of Bam and Kero.  With the story complete, it was time to say goodbye.  Good job everyone.
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