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☆Kinder 1☆


Today was an action packed lesson.  First we greeted each other.  A quick “Good afternoon”, followed by a “How are you?”, got the children talking nicely.  Next we warmed up the body with some actions.

First, the children walked around, followed by some hopping, jumping, and sleeping, amongst other things.

The energy levels were very high.  After the actions, we sang “Hello, hello.”

Their singing is getting more confident, and the dancing was great.  Next, was practicing saying “Excuse me!”  For this, the children sat in a circle while one child would walk around the outside.

They would stop behind someone, say “Excuse me!”, and when the sitting child moved, they would say “Thank you” and walk into the circle and back to their seat.
Some were a little nervous,

others did well, but were a bit quiet.

Some went in loud.

Everyone had fun, though. Once the children had calmed down, we moved on to singing “The Wheels on the Bus.” The children know this song well and enjoy singing and dancing the actions.

First the wheels go “round and round”,

followed by the door going “open and shut”, and the wipers going “swish, swish, swish.”

The horn going “beep, beep, beep” gets louder as we got to the children’s favorite part,

the babies going “wah, wah, wah.”  The “wahs” can be pretty loud.

To end, we relaxed with the Mums and Dads going “shhh!”

They really enjoy the song and it showed.

Finally, we ended the lesson with some alphabet practice.  First,we sang the “ABC song.”

Then, they answered to their names to get their workbooks.

Today, they were coloring the letter “Qq.”

Saying the “kw” sound the letter “Qq” makes can be tricky, especially with todays picture “quilt”, but they gave it a good try.  They do color a good quilt, though.

With that complete, it was time to say “bye bye, books” and sing the “Goodbye song.”  Lots of energy, lots of fun. Great job everyone.
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