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☆Kinder 3☆


Today was the end of the Kinder 3 class’ first week, so we started them with simple lessons.  To start with, the kids posed for the first of many group shots.

Then we warmed up with a little “We all Fall Down.” Starting with walking around the circle,

we then ‘gallop’ and then ‘sleep’.

Once everyone ‘wakes up’ we ‘hop’, ‘skip’, and then ‘hop and skip’ before sitting back in their starting positions.

This was followed by singing “Hello, hello.” They can do the actions well,

though the singing could be a bit louder.  Everyone does enjoy shouting ‘hello’ which is great.

Once we had said hello, we practiced asking for specific items using “Can I have this one, please.” They were great with the sentence, they just needed to practice using their finger to point.

We start with some items, colored flower blocks in this case, and ask the child “Which one do you want.”  They answer using the phrase and pointing to the block they want.

They shouldn’t take the block, it is given to them using “Here you are”, and they reply with “Thank you.”

Once everyone had a block, we counted down from three and we all put the blocks back in the box.  Next was numbers. They are good at counting, so we practiced writing them.

On the whiteboard were 10 groups of dots. The children had to choose a group, count the dots, and write the number. Most did well,

some needed a little help.

The shape was there, they just need work on the stroke order.  Everyone enjoyed it and had good fun.


To relax from the numbers we sang a song for an event next month.  “ The Family Finger Song.” Everyone seemed to know it so were ahead of the game.

They also sang one of their favorite song, “The Wheels on the Bus.”

They always enjoy this song and sing loudly.

Finally we practiced the alphabet with an ABC song. They know the alphabet if sung slowly, when a bit faster, though,  they can get a little tongue tied, but enjoy the challenge.

And with that, it was time to say good-bye.  A lot of fun and laughter was had, a good start to the new year.  Great job, everyone.
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