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☆Kinder 2☆


Today was a warm day, and the Kinder 2 children were a little sleepy.  To wake them up a bit, we started with some “Walking, walking.” They enjoy doing the actions and soon started moving well.

The sleeping part of the song was a little too well performed, ha.

Once warmed up, we sang “Hello, hello.”

The children’s singing is improving well.

Next, we practiced counting to 20. They can count well,

and can recognize 11 to 15 when written.  Recognizing 15 to 20 is trickier.  We then tried writing the numbers.

First, when the children came up, they had to choose one pen from three.  They used the phrase “This one, please” to do so.  Once they had their pen, the other children chose a number from 11 to 20 and the child with the pen had to write it down.

If they got the shape correct they got a clap, we would then go over any improvements they could make in stroke direction.  When the children understood the concept, we started pairing children together.

They would often help each other with numbers to write, which was great. We would then check the numbers in a group, offering help if numbers were wrong.

After that, we sang some songs.  “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Family Finger Song” are well known to the children and they enjoyed performing the actions.

They did very well trying to wiggle their fingers while singing about family.

When the children finished singing, we looked at the alphabet.  For Kinder 2, the “ABC song” is slightly different that the one they are used to.  It’s faster and the English is a little trickier, but they have taken to the change well.

We drew some pictures of animals and tried to name them.

They knew ‘Giraffe’, but then some interesting fun occurred when, to a drawing, some children said “alligator”, whilst others said “crocodile.”  That is a difficult animal, but excellent job getting both names.

With a goodbye song the lesson came to a close. With sleep averted, and fun had, it was a great job by everyone.

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