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Today, the Pre-Kinder children had a pretty packed lesson.  First, they looked at a name card and tried to read the name.  The child whose name it was then had to raise their hand.

They are getting very good at recognizing names, and raising their hands with a good, loud “Here!”

Next, they went “walking, walking.”  They enjoy the actions, especially walking.  They just need to be careful not to bump into each other.

They also enjoy a good “sleep.”

This month, the children are learning how to share toys using the phrase “Share with me.”  Today, we used a toy truck.

When they said the phrase, the truck would be passed.

Then the children would practice passing it between themselves. There were the occasional instance of reluctance, but they would pass the truck eventually.

After that, the children practiced counting up to 10, which they are getting very good at, whilst using their fingers, which is trickier, but they love giving it a go.

One more song followed, “The Wheels on the Bus.”

We finished the song section with the “Family Finger Song.”  They are getting very good at saying “Mummy/Daddy/Brother/Sister/Baby Finger”, and are using the fingers well.

After the singing, we looked at some vocabulary.  First, we refreshed the memory by looking at the cards.

Once they had said the vocabulary a few times, the cards were placed on the floor and the children had to touch the correct card.

They do have fun with the touch games, and it’s good way to practice “share with me” and not try and grab cards from others.

Finally, we closed the lesson off with the “Open, Shut Them” song.  Again, they love doing the actions, “big and small”,

“Please/No, thank you”,

“Fast and slow”,

and lastly, ”Peek-…


With that complete, all that was left was to sing “Goodbye, goodbye.”

It was a busy lesson and the children did excellently, and enjoyed it well.  Great job, everyone!
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