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English Time


In nursery, we are still getting to know each other! So we spent a lot of time playing games and singing songs!

In pre-kinder, we always start with a fun warm up. Today we started with walking, jumping, sleeping. and tiptoeing.

After that we did are "walking walking" song. This is always one of their favorite parts of the class. They're FULL of energy!

Once we've settled down, it's time to call role. We practice raising our hands and saying "here." The students do a great job raising their hands, but saying here is a little hard for them. Every class they are getting better and better!

Next we practice our ABC's. We sing are abc song twice before playing our alphabet matching game. This is always super funny and challenging. The students love matching the small letters with the big letters! Every time we play,  they match more and more!

Once we've finished our game, it's time to say goodbye! We end the class with a goodbye song and everyone always participates and sings loudly!


In kinder 1, we start with a warm up! We practice walking, hopping, swimming, and stopping. This is always a great way to start class.

Once we are done we start with introductions like our name and age. We work hard practicing things like "My name is" and "I'm ___ years old."



Next is ABC time, we do the "ABC chant" and then play our ABC matching game! This is always very easy for them and they have no problems matching the letters!

We always practice our hand writing and soon enough everyone will be writing their name. Once we are done coloring or writing, we end the class with our goodbye song!



In kinder 2 we have lots of learning colors and playing a color match game. Everyone knows their colors very well!

We also play our alphabet game! They have been able to match the letters perfectly!

We often write diary entries and work hard practicing handwriting. It is a bit hard but they improve every time we practice!

English isn't just during English class! During playtime, lunch, and snack time English is being used!

English time is always a blast!
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