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English time with Prekinder!!


English was so fun for us this month! Everyone gets better every day! I'm very impressed. We usually start the class with some physical movement! Everyone loves our "Walking, Walking" song! We get to practice running, walking, hopping, jumping, tiptoeing, and STOPPING! It's a great way to get some energy out while learning to listen to English!

Next is time for introductions! We chant "What's your name?" while passing the ball! Once a student has the ball, they same "I'm ____" Saying "I'm" is still hard for them, but they do say their name which is great :)!

We went to the zoo this month, so we worked on animals and colors! When working on colors, we played a yes or no game. If the colors matched, we made a circle with our arms over our head, and if the colors didn't match we made a X with our arms!

We also got to practice colors during playtime! The students had no problem saying the colors in english! It was great! I was very impressed!

The goodbye song is another favorite! They even sing it outside of class! The students enjoy it so much that they like to help me lead it, so they stand up in the front with me!

English has been a blast, and I'm so happy with everyone's progress! We are having a great time!
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