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This morning, the Prekinder class started their English lesson with a roll-call.  When their names were called, they had to raise their hand and say “Here!”

Most did well with the hand raising, others were a little shy and liked to hide.

One liked to play up to the camera.  Very nice.

After that, we moved around with the “Walking, walking” song.

They enjoy the actions, but we focused on being careful when running. Always look where you are going, or you could get an unwanted bump.

We then played a slow reveal game with animals, asking, “What is it?”  They could name the animals nicely, but worked on saying “It’s a (…).”  We also pretended to be the animals for some fun.

There was a lion on the other side of the card.

Everyone enjoyed snapping with the alligator.  Other animals they played as were an elephant, a snake, and a giraffe.

Once they had finished playing animal, we finished with another action song, “Open, close them.”

This practiced actions and phrases such as, “big and small”,

“please and no, thank you,” and their favorite,

fast and slow.  It finished with peek-a-boo, which was lead by two of the children.

With this done, the children sang goodbye and moved on to the next activity for the day. Everyone had good fun today. Great job.

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