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English Time K2!!! c:


This month, we had a blast learning about the seasons and different actions! We started our first week with the seasons. We had fun coming up with gestures as well as getting to draw our favorite season.

We had fun playing English games! One of our favorite games was our gesture game! The group standing up told the other students to put their head downs, and the group would pick a target word to gesture and then tell their classmates to wake up. The standing students would then gesture! It was so much fun!

Everyone has done a great job with introductions! Saying their name, age, and feeling is a breeze for the students, so we added things like food (the students love Pokemon bread!) and colors! When doing colors, we use are colorful ball to help!

K2's writing is WONDERFUL! Everyone can now write their names by themselves! Anytime we practice in our book, the students have no problem tracing and even matching the alphabets! I'm so happy with how much the students have improved when it comes to writing! Soon we'll be moving to using pencils instead of crayons, they're going to do great!

K2 worked hard, so we learned how to play fun games! We played musical chairs and learned how to play Duck, Duck, Goose. The students had so much fun playing both games. They also sang along to the english songs during musical chairs.

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