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English Time – Nursery ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚


June has been such a fun month for us! We just keep getting better and better. This month everyone started participating in our "Faster Faster" song, where we practiced walking, running, jumping, and, most importantly, STOPPING!! We have so much fun doing this song and it's a great way to work on improving their motor skills :) They even sing along which makes me so happy!

This month we learned actions! We learned crawling, clapping, singing, dancing, and swimming! Everyone had so much fun doing these actions! We played a fun start and stop game so that the students could get used to stopping! Everyone did so great!

Most of the students wanted to get involved! They interacted with the cards, participated, AND paid close attention! I was very happy. When we count and go over the colors and feelings, the students are eager to participate! I think counting is the students favorite because we get to play rockets!

We have been using our shakers a lot! We have color shakers AND fruit shakers, so the students have an opportunity to not only interact with colors, but learn about and interact with new fruits as well! When using our shakers, we have lots of fun learning directional words like 'up' and 'down. ' It's always so exciting!

We worked on our alphabet! Everyone did a wonderful job of singing along and using their crayons. We also do an alphabet matching game that the students do well with! They are always making so much progress!

We end the class off with our "Bye-Bye" song! Everyone participates and sings with no problem! I'm so proud of everyone's progress! I can't wait to see how they will improve next month!

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