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Today, the Nursery class started with a little movement.  They walked, jumped, ran, and tried valiantly to hop.

Once the music stopped, they returned to the mat and listened for their names.  When called, they would be shown a card with their name on it, and encouraged to raise their hand and say “here”, though any noise was good.

If so inclined, they could touch the card.

When up, they would be asked, “What is your name?”  They would then be encouraged to say their name whilst touching their name card.

They enjoyed touching the card, saying their name was a challenge.

They listened well, so it’s only a matter of time.

Once they had responded to their names, we sang the numbers song.  For this the children would listen and try to count to 10, whilst using their fingers to count along too.

Here, we are trying to get the children to develop their finger dexterity and many of the children did very well.  They like to wave their arms as they count, so it was a nice wee dance time for them.

From numbers, we moved on to shapes.  Again, we were practicing using our fingers, this time to make shapes such as a circle,

a square, a triangle, a diamond, and a heart.

We then used shape cards and gave the children two shapes to choose from.

They then tried to touch the card the instructor said.  This was to get them up and participating in the activity, and they had no problem participating.

Then, for a little fun, the cards were stuck on something big and flat.

The children enjoyed picking shapes, and sticking them to my forehead even more.  All good fun.

And with the shapes finished, it was time to say goodbye.  The children counted to 3 and gave a big wave.

The Nursery children had great fun today, and where dance and play go, talking will follow.  Looking forward to it.  Great job, everyone.
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