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English Time – K2 and K3⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚


This past month has been a great month for K2 and 3. They worked so hard and learned so much! We also had so much fun playing different games and making different crafts! I'm so excited to share our month with you!

Of course we worked on our days of the week, but this month we played a new game. Our class is divided into 3 teams. I had one student from each team come up and take a day of the week without showing their team. They would then flip the card around, and the first team to shout their teammates day of the week wins. The students were competitive, but every team at least got one point! :)

This past month, we worked on phonics A LOT. We started with A and have made it to D! The students really seem to enjoy phonics! We played a phonics racing game this month! We had to go into the playroom to be safe, and once we were there I laid out B and C cards on the ground. The students had to listen for what sound I made and race to step on a corresponding card. So if I made the B sound, the students would race to a B card. Everyone did WONDERFULLY!

This month, we were eating, so we learned food names. We played a lot of different games to practice, but one of the students' favorites was our drawing game. One team came up and picked a random card. They drew that item while everyone else closed their eyes and then the other students had to guess what they drew. It was super fun and everyone had a good laugh!

Of course, because this past month was international week, we worked hard learning our song along with how to say "hello" in other languages! We also learned what different country flags looked like. We did an egg and spoon relay race and the sack race! It was a blast!

Outside of English time, we also had a lot of fun together. We did an English craft together and made a fish bowl with fish, and the students got to make their own YUMMY sandwiches!

The students have grown so much! Handwriting and speaking have improved greatly. The kids have learned more foods, colors, and emotions to express themselves and what they want! I'm so proud of them! I can't wait to see their growth over the next month!
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