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English time – Kinder 1⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚


In July, we learned how to express more feelings! Our song this month was "Are You Hungry?" We had a fun time singing along and doing gestures! If you ask them, "Are you hungry?" I'm sure they will sing back, "Yes, I am."

We also learned about so many different foods this month, so they can also express what they like and name different foods in English! I'm so happy!!

We worked on phonics a lot this month! It's been so easy for the students to identify the odd one out and even gesture "yes" and "no" for the answers! Phonics is helping the students with pronunciation and expand their vocabulary!

 Becasue we worked hard on phonics, at the end of the month - we did a phonics craft toegther. The students had to glue the correct picture under the letter it started with! The students did great and had so much fun coloring them!

This month has been so much fun for us. The students have a blast and they use more and more English every month! I am so impressed and happy with their improvements! I can't wait to update you next month!
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