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☆Kinder 1☆


Today, the Kinder 1 class started their English lesson with some actions.

Everyone loved running, hopping, jumping, and sleeping.

Everyone is also getting very good when they hear “Stop!”

Once they were feeling a bit more energetic we sang the ‘Hello song’. This was practice for singing ‘hello’ for Sports Day, and the children are doing very well with the words and actions.

After saying hello, the children sorted themselves into their groups, Panda, Rabbit, Bear, Penguin, and Kangaroo.  First, they had to introduce themselves.

After a little demonstration, the children had to find their name card and pick the number corresponding to their age.  Their reading of their, and others, names is coming on nicely.

When chosen, the were asked for their name and age. They were encouraged to say, “My name is …”, but “I’m …” was also good.

Once everyone had introduced themselves, they placed the cards back and said ”Here you are.”

We followed this by counting.  We counted up to 20, being careful with 12. They like to call it 20.  Then we sang “5 Little Ducks.”  Always fun.

Next they looked at the alphabet.  Singing their ABC’s was no problem for them.  So we played a game where they had to touch the first letter of their name.

For some, it was easy.  For those who found it trickier, after a small hint they were able to find the correct letter.

We finished off with some coloring.  Today they looked at the letter U.

Here they tried to trace big and small U, then color the picture. It was also a good chance to try and hold a pencil correctly.

The tracing was excellent and the coloring interesting, but good fun was had by all.

Then it was a case of giving their books to the teacher, singing goodbye, and it was time for lunch. And well earned I’d say. Great job, everyone.
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