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English time – K2 and K3 ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚


August has been a wonderful month for K2 and K3! Even though we had Obon this month, the students remembered everything we've learned! We started our class this month as usual, but we also worked hard on introductions! The students were able to say their name, age, feelings, and favorite food/color! We also worked on identifying which question they're being asked by playing "popcorn introductions." The students toss the ball around randomly, and I ask them a random introduction question. It's a little hard, but they're doing great! I am so happy with their progress. Next month, I'm sure they'll be able to say their favorite animal!

This month we went to the beach! We learned about all the different things that we might see at the beach and how to gesture them! We played a few different types of gesture games. The students had the most fun playing our team gesture game this month! We also had a blast playing our odd one out game!

K2 and K3 learned how to use pencils this month! The students picked it up so quickly, and they did great! We've also made it all the way to P with tracing our individual letters! The students also have worked hard on tracing their names! All of the students can write their first name unassisted with pencils! I'm so impressed!

We've also had fun reading this month! Our main books were "No, David!" and "The Hungry Caterpillar!" The students really enjoyed story time and even participated! This month has been great for K2 and K3 and they always learn so much. I can't wait to tell you about what we learn next month! :)

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