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The babies have had a lovely few days playing and having fun.

First, they played with blocks.  From choosing a color, to trying to fit them together, it gave them a chance to practice their hand-eye coordination.

They also loved playing with the cars.

Another way the used their hands and fingers was by playing with pegs.

They do like putting pegs on trays,

and that is another job well done.  Happy!

The babies also enjoy playing with puzzles.  Here they are playing with an animal number puzzle.

A great chance to see numbers and count animals.  Or just enjoy trying to put the puzzle together.

Once they finished with the puzzle, they got to relax with some fun toys.  Anpanman is a firm favorite,

while something more noisy may be more interesting to some.

Meanwhile, on another day, playing with a box can really bring out the teamwork.  “Where shall we go?"

A good picture book can work the imagination.

A new look on the world is always exciting.

And finally, who doesn’t like a big tent. "Is anyone there?"


Whatever the babies tried, be it puzzles, blocks, books, or just being with their friends, they had a great time.  Great job, everyone.
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