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English time – Kinder 1⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚


This past month has been great for K1. Even though I don't have many pictures this month, we still had a blast. We had some playtime together as well which was great. During playtime the students learned about different food and played musical chairs!

Our song this month was "Old McDonald had a Farm," and the students absolutely loved it! They had a blast learning the gestures to the song and singing "E-I-E-O!"

The students also learned different gestures like "jump," "clap," and "swimming" and had so much fun playing our gesture game. One student would come up and gesture, and I would ask the students, "What is he/she doing?" The students would then name the gesture. We also worked on family titles (mom, dad, sister, etc). the students had so much fun drawing their families.

I think the students' favorite part of the month was going over the months and days and playing our shuffle game. The students enjoy our months chant so much! During the card shuffle, the students would tell me to stop. I would then ask them "What is it?" and they would tell me what month or day it is!

The students did great this month! Next month, I can't wait to share more photos and updates with you!
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