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☆Kinder 3☆


Today, the Kinder 3 class started with a little singing practice for their School Festival performance.  First, they practiced the dance moves.  Under,

the Spreading,




Nice!  Now they have the moves down, it’s time to sing.  Start the music.

Doing well,

everyone is singing nicely.

Great job.  Everyone had good fun and are looking forward to the School Festival already.

Next, we reviewed this month’s English language.  We were talking about what our family could do.  First, we looked at family members.

They did excellently naming their family.  Next came activities.

Basic activities such as singing, dancing, etc, were no problem for the children.  So we added some extra, strange activities like skydiving, bungee jumping and the curious extreme ironing.

Definitely a new activity for the children. Once they were happy with vocabulary, they played a throwing game.

3 activities were lined up at one end of the class and upon choosing a family member, for example, mom, they then had to throw at an activity that member could do. If they hit the card their team gets a point.

They all gave it great attempt and enjoyed the hits as well as the misses.

Once they had throw, the children then had to make a sentence, for example “My mom can swim.” In the excitement of the game the children did very well .

After the children had calmed down, it was time to practice another School Festival song.  This time “The Pinocchio.” They can do the moves well, but today we practiced the singing.

Today, we played the instrumental version of the song and they had to sing in time, and dance.

They sang loudly and confidently, which is great, though need a little practice calling out the actions instead of repeating them.  For a first attempt though, it was a splendid job.

Finally, to end the lesson off, a little relaxing story time.  The tale of “Harry the Dirty Dog.”

They knew the story from their Japanese copy, so followed along well.  We introduced a bit of play acting for unknown words.  In this case “roll over and play dead.”

They do enjoy a bit of role play to break up the story.  And with that, it was time to say goodbye.

An excellent job done by all. They really enjoyed singing and dancing, and gave it some great energy.  Great job, everyone.
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