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☆Kinder 1☆


Today, with the Kinder 1 School Festival fast approaching, the children practiced their festival program.

The children have been practicing singing the songs for a while now, so today we focused on where to stand and what to do.  First, we looked at how to enter the stage by getting everyone to line up in order.

When they were all lined up they were asked, “Are you ready?” After a few tries we got an energetic “Ready!”

The children the walked on with the help of some walking music, making sure to be well spaced.

After a couple of practices it was time for the songs.  First, “Are you hungry?”

Their singing was great, we now worked on having fun with actions and singing a bit louder.

The second song, “Yes, I can,” is more of an action song.  Pretending to be an elephant, fish, bird, gorilla, buffalo, and singing is quite tricky. However, the children are having fun trying.

“Little bird, can you clap?”

“No, I can’t. I can’t clap.”  “Elephant, can you stomp?”

“Yes, I can. I can stomp.”

Finally, we practiced their school play.  This is their first time doing a play so learning where to stand needs practice.

First, lining up and entering on time. Listening is important, and a little help.

A little pretend building.

Then demonstrate where to go.

The children are getting better at saying their lines, so we worked on saying them loudly. Some children are a little shy, but repeat well.

They do like to pretend to eat, and are great at saying “Thank you” at the end.

It was a lot of work, but the children did fantastically.  Keep having fun and you’ll do just fine. Great job, everyone.

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