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Today was a special day for children.  Today was Halloween. The Pre-Kinder children have been preparing and looking forward to today for some time.  First, the Baby, Nursery, and Pre-Kinder children got together for a little fashion show and Halloween song.

As they waited, the excitement was visible.

Go time! First the children stepped up to show off their costumes.

Some striking a scary pose, but all good fun.  After all the children had been up, it was time to dance.  They have been practicing “5 Scary Spiders” and were looking forward to dancing with everyone.

Once the dancing was finished, it was time for the stamp rally. First, the children visited the Kinder 3 class.

They received a sticker from the candy to put in their Halloween card.

A scary ghost, causing one child to bring out a ghostly glow.

Next, the children visited the Kinder 1 class,

where another sticker was gained.

A Jack O’lantern to lighten the night.  Now, to the Kinder 2 class for another candy and one more sticker.

A witch on her broomstick off to a party.  Just one more place to visit, but where?

Off they go, to the playroom. But who’s there?

Oh, what is that?

The Pumpkin King! And he has the candy.  Dare they brave a touch, of course.

They also get the last sticker, a boney skeleton, and complete their card.

With that, the children went back to their room with one more Halloween surprise waiting.

A delicious spooky themed lunch.  Halloween is a great time for kids to enjoy a little scare, and the children certainly had a fun day.

Great job, everyone. Happy Halloween.
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