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English time – K1⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚


This was another great month for K1! They are always improving and working hard! I'm so proud of their progress!

We have the school festival coming up, so we worked hard practicing, but we also had some great lessons.


The students still love our walking walking and following gesture game! They always participate and have so much fun copying me.

Simon says is a super popular game in America, and I finally got the chance to introduce it to the students. They had so much fun, and they caught on so fast.

This month was halloween so we learned a new song that the student really enjoyed. They got to pretend to be witches, skeletons, cats, ghost, and spiders!

For Halloween, the students went trick or treating! The students got to use the language we learned (trick or treat!) as well as everyday language like "thank you."
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