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English Time – Pre-Kinder ˚。⋆୨୧˚


January has been a fantastic month for prekinder. We spent a lot of time together in and outside of English! Despite being a bit restless after our break, they were able to get back into English with no problems!

We started the class off with our usual walking walking song. We made it more exciting though! Sometimes me and the students sing it, and we go faster or stop longer than usual!

This month we had our school store! The students learned how to utilize "This one please" not only for the store, but for our class as well! They have been doing a great job having back and forth exchanges!

Because they've been doing so well having English exchanges with me, I decided to let them start doing it with one another. They have started asking eachother "What's your name?" and "How are you?" They have been doing a great job!

The students have been working hard to learn the names of different fruits and vegetables, so maybe if you guys go to the store, they will be able to name some fruits and vegetables in English!

This month has been packed with different activities! We have done our fruit shakers as well as our ABC coloring! They have improved so much! They are all ready to take on K1!

Can't wait to update you next month!
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