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☆Kinder 2☆


Today, the Kinder 2 class started off their lesson by asking, “What time is it?” They could read a clock very well, so we played a counting game to tell time.

They sat in a circle and asked about the time. They would then be shown the clock briefly. Once they had agreed on the time, they would pass a ball, counting with each pass until they had reached the number that matched the time.

This practiced listening to the other children when you didn’t have the ball.

After we said bye-bye to the ball, we looked at some farm animals and the sounds they make. They know the sounds well, so they were practicing using them in a sentence. For example: “The cow says moo.”

They formed 3 groups, and one person from each group stood around a chair. On the chair would be placed a card, face down, and then turned over. The first person to give the full sentence got a point. If they tried they were awarded points too.

Things got very exciting.

For the final round, they were given an animal sound and from that they had to guess the animal.

They got the animals well and were encouraged to give the target sentence.

Lastly, the children practiced writing. Today, they were looking at the letter ‘Yy’.

First, they traced the letters with their fingers. Z is next week, they are eager. When they were handed the color pencils, they wrote their names and traced the letters.

They are starting to get used to how to write the alphabet and its stroke order. They like to show off their work.

And with that, another lesson draws to a close. They enjoyed throwing a ball about, making some animal noises, and writing and coloring. All in all, a fun afternoon. Great job, everyone.
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