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Today, the Prekinder children were excited to get started with their English lesson.  So, first, we all sang “Hello!”

Their singing is improving well, and their actions are coming along too.  After saying hello, they stood up and did some “Walking, walking.” They enjoy doing the actions, and do them well they do.

They are getting the hang of walking on tip-toes.

Sleeping is a firm favorite.

Ending on some fast actions, everyone had a great time.

With the exercise finished, the children sat down to look at the weather. They are very good at saying the weather and can tell what the weather is outside.

They are great at saying “Here” when hearing their names, but today we asked them to say their name.  They were asked “What’s your name?” If they answered “I’m ___,” they got their name card.

The ‘m’ sound in ‘I’m’ was a little tricky and we had to practice a few times,

afterward, they got their card.

When everyone had their name card, they were asked their age.  They had to choose from between ‘2’ and ‘3’.

They are very good at talking about themselves.  Next was another movement activity.  Singing and dancing to the “Pinocchio.”  They were asked to stand and make a circle.

Nice job!  Then they practiced their ‘left’ and ‘right’.

Then it was time to sing with song. Moving in and out,

turning around,

giving a little shout,

and there was help for those who needed it.

This was followed by looking at the month’s vocabulary.  They first quickly went over the cards.

Then they played an action game. They did an action to music and when the music stopped they said “stop!”

They then walked and stood on the card they heard.

Walking was a warm up, next was jumping like kangaroo,

followed by swimming like a fish.

Need to look out for “sharks.”

And with that done, the children finished with a quick warm down of stretching tall,

getting small,

And stretching wide.

Ending with the “Good-bye” song, the Prekinders had a busy morning and a lot of fun.  Great job and energy, everyone.

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